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One of the best things in life that I believe could be given to people is music. There are so many different genres of music and it can be created with so many different and unique instruments and singing voices. Music is a popular thing to almost everyone and you hear it just about everywhere you go. Sometimes you may hear elevator music playing when you get on the elevator, you hear it in just about any store you shop in, music plays on the radio in your car, and you even hear music on commercials for ads that are on TV. It is hard to find a place that you will not hear music playing at. Music does so many different things to people and can even make you feel certain ways. There are endless possibilities with music and it is so amazing because everyone is free to listen to it or make any kind of music that they may desire. I would even go as far as saying that music makes the world go round.

Illuminated empty concert stage with smoke and rays of light

One of my favorite things about music is that I can go see my favorite artists play the music live at a concert that I listen to and love so much. It is such a fun experience to be able to hear music live that you would normally hear on the radio or from your CD player. I love being able to see the people live playing the music that they created that I love so much. Music is so popular that even bands that will not play their music live together anymore, you can find plenty of cover bands to go see. This would be the next best thing! Some of my favorite past times in life are the times I was able to hear my favorite music performed by the band that created it. I do not think there is anything better than the feeling you get when you are at a show and able to hear the music live.


Music has created a purpose for dancing. I am not saying that you absolutely have to have music playing to dance, but more times than not do people want it that way! There are so many different kinds of music to dance to and different ways to dance to each genre of music. Music is so diverse and creates a lot of different dance moves because of it. Music even makes people feel different emotions. Some music can make you feel sad, happy, angry, or even excited. Sometimes people will even listen to different types of music while performing different tasks because it helps them to focus and get the job done. Not only can music help you focus on something that you are doing, it can also be very distracting. I know that sometimes when I listen to music, that is all I can think about and focus on. Music has the ability and power to make people feel and do many different things.

The music my plumber listened to

Today I had a plumber come out to my home to work on some repairs that needed done. In the time that the plumber was here, it was a very interesting experience to say the least. Sometimes you think that something is just going to go one way but it turns out the complete opposite. In my case, I was able to hear all of the different music that the plumber enjoys and I even got to see a few dance moves come from him. I have never in my life had a service professional come to my home and play their own music while working, let alone strut their stuff in the process, too. I questioned myself on getting a plumber from the internet, and I was starting to wonder if the repairs were even going to get done because of all of the dancing and music listening that was going on. I am a very happy person and did not want to ruin his mood so I decided not to say anything to him. It could be that the music and dancing was helping him to get the job done and I did not want to take that away from him. Everyone has their own method of how they get things done, so I decided it would be best to let it be.

I got to hear a large variety of music in the few hours that the plumber was at my house. A lot of the music was actually stuff I had never heard before and I actually enjoyed it very much. I decided to be a bit friendlier with my plumber and even ask him who the artists were that I heard. I could tell that the plumber enjoyed my interest in the music he was listening to, and not only did it make me happy that I could make him feel good, the new music finds were making me very happy. I love music so anytime I get the chance to be introduced to something good, I embrace it. In this case, it was music I was discovering through my plumber. Sometimes there strangest but most amazing things can happen, even when your plumber is coming over to fix some leaking pipes and unclog a drain of yours. You never know what can happen!

It might sound a little bit crazy but the music my plumber was listening to was the kind of music that made you want to dance, which is why I caught him dancing more times than not while working on my repairs. I can honestly say that there was a point I got so into my plumbers music, that I went over to him and started dancing with him, too. Dance on, It sounds a little strange but it was almost as if we were having a special bonding moment over the music and were becoming friends. It is funny to think I was almost opposed to my plumber listening to music while working on the job in my house, but quickly my mind was changed by the positive energy I was feeling from him and the music.

Hood Rich – Dirty Laundy

VIXEN ICON – Buffie Da Body Tell all Book (and another one!)

Another Educational Book on Hoe trippin, Thats what’s up, Make sure my lil Diva don’t pick up thinking is the princess chronicles… I’ll let my assistant review .ok I’m not sure if ya remember but the soul pitch hustilicist was da first to report the rumors of a book…. I heard another book was being […]

Amber when tannin baby don’t wear a thong!




We need new poses ladies…
Sometimes I feel like these bishes are runnin a contest to see who spreads them wider, pussy poppin fatter, and stays relevant.. …. Here’s another trick for ya treat!
Ya decide ya horny voulchers


Spotted via dadoodirty show

“BLING-A-LICIOUS” Your Not Ready For Da DIVA!

“Blingy” Stunnas created for Twista’s video shoot ” PIMP LIKE ME”
Advertisers are spending their first quarter finances on celebrity endorsements for their ‘09 campaigns, only to then claim to have exhausted their budgets.  Billboards, Print Ads, and Social Networks all partake in the movement of the new haute couture… Not in the windy city of […]


Love fashion, and t’s are the most comfortable fabrics to wear especially when u just want to lay around, go shopping, meeting, heck the tee shirt will always be a vital piece in a woman’s wardrobe. Especially the subliminal ones.. I can rock subliminal all day. Just look at my shirt and understand I may […]

Louis Vuitton Touches Madonna For The Very First Time

It was rumored that Madonna would be appearing in Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2009 ads and those rumors proved to be true. The shots were taken in a French Bistro setting and shot by Fashion photographer Steve Meisel.



vid courtesy of NOWWUT.TV

Has Lola Been on My Hood Rich Dirty Laundry Blog?? LOL

Now Girl you Screamin “Boss Bitch”! you need to come up to Liquid Lace with all that raunchiness.  Cause you know da OG’s are up there drippin dirt all over da dam airwaves!!!. We are on our shyt to MA!!!  Lola , […]


Dirty Pic from da Vault.. is that a Nasty Punani I see… ??

Music Happenings Coming Up


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At 27, finding himself at the very high- and low-point of his adult life, he’s seeking redemption in helping others avoid the mistakes he made.  In the new docu-series “T.I.’s Road To Redemption: 45 Days To Go” cameras follow T.I.’s efforts to save himself by saving others. “T.I.’s Road To Redemption: 45 Days To Go” is a moving title. Each week, the title will change to reflect the amount of time left to his sentencing. The final episode will air shortly after T.I.’s fate is revealed. In order to communicate his message, he has to give each teenager a tough love lesson in life and show them the consequences of what could happen if they continue down the wrong path. “T.I.’s Road To Redemption: 45 Days To Go”

It would be a plus if MTV chronicled his life during his sentence.. That would be a real awakening and lesson to the youths and adults alike….

Diary of a Tired Black Man (DVD) – Tim Alexander

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In stores across the country Feb. 3, 2009!

It is a simple story about the complex relationships between Black Men and Black Women. It follows the life and relationships of a successful black man as he tries to find a happy place to rest his heart.It’s an interesting ride into the reality of black relationships that a lot of people will relate to, and a lot of people will learn from.
Find out more at

“You and your angry lil crew is going to call me a weak Black man”

Magnolia Pictures has decided to pick up the right to ‘Diary of A Tired Black Man’, which was written, directed, edited, scored and produced by Tim Alexander, and will release the film in February 2009.


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THE WAVE is the new movement in upscale entertainment magazines. Intent on bringing you the latest in music, fashion, politics, lifestyle, health and fitness and technology, THE WAVE keeps you on the cutting edge of today’s POP culture. Very diverse and extremely proud of the multicultural content, THE WAVE is more than just your average publication. WE ARE GLOBAL, WE ARE A BRAND…WE ARE THE WAVE!

Dame Grease doesn’t feel the need to worry about competing with other producers as he is self-assured and knows the impact that his distinctive sound has commercially and globally.  More specifically, he affirms that right now he has the whole East Coast sound on lock and represents New York City to the fuIlest.  CONTINUE READING….



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photo Lil Kims Myspace

Will we see Ms. Wallace sit next to Lil Kim anytime soon? According to an interview Essence Magazine did with Ms. Wallace, she said ” I would love to speak to Lil’ Kim, because I need to ask more about this love relationship because I really didn’t like the way he treated her and I’m praying that that’s not it. Only she can answer those questions. She’s a sweet girl and I didn’t think she deserved to be treated the way he treated her, if that’s the case“.

In retorspect Lil Kim shared her disdain with Hip Hop Weekly recently: “I’ve had enough and I’m about to expose them both… I’ve been quiet for a long time.”

“I’m very disappointed in Faith..There’s nothing Faith or Ms. Wallace could do to stop me from repping B.I.G. all day. I’m gonna always do that…It’s time for Ms. Wallace to be exposed”.

Dam! ok so what now more beef, It’s like come on enough is enough, let the man rest in peace!. It’s the old cliche, what you do in the dark comes to light! and at the end of the day Biggie was loved by many and he loved as well.. feelingsand  emotions have all been tarnished throughout the years, and with the movie now out it just feels like drama all over again.. Junior Mafia is moving in silence.. don’t ya think?


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Say it isn’t so.. It’s late, Im surfing the web, and I come across a post about my girl Angela Yee’s birthday party.  According to the promoter fucked up Angela’s night! Ok now I’m pissed off! First off how are you going to fuck up a party.  Plain and Simple I will give you my remedy of what I call the Industry Epidermic. If its how it’s being said then Im lookin at it like another mofo trying to be down!!! probably da promoter approached my girl and was like I’m the hottest promoter in town and Im going to throw you the dopest party.. I mean shyt If I hear some shyt like that Im going to be like lets do it.. If that was the case then shoot da Mofo*** no Industry points for you buddy.. your entry into the hood has been denied by me and yours truly. I’m going to keep it real with ya, me and my goons (diamond divas) were preparing our fashionista looks, we was like ok we gotta show our asses Angela is going all out, then here comes our bromance bitchin’ on his fit, but he still wants to check Angela… After our fashion debate, we all decided we didnt have the fit but will check Angela and throw her our own ghetto chic b-party!!.. Well baby girl as I you can see it’s on. We about to sip on henny & chicken next week…. over at the Bakery.. haaaa Love U mama and Happy Birthday!



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 Sex Kitten Milani Rose best known for her KING MAGAZINE “2008 WEB GIRL OF THE YEAR” Award is making major moves despite of her being “EXPOSED”.  Milani was spotted out and about beastin the red carpet.  Rumor has it a few managers and agents are trying to get at Milani for management . Let’s hope the bombshell beauty focuses on setting her standards and goals on a higher level, by maximizing on the exposure she’s been getting lately.

Ladies hood videos aint cuttin it, don’t let the recession fool ya!

Mulatto’s Dilemma

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“Mulatto’s Dilemma” Scheduled to open in Manhattan during Black History Month

Coming from the success of her one woman show at the Moving Arts Theatre in Los Angeles, actress and playwright Juliette Fairley will bring the award winning show “Mulatto’s Dilemma” to New York City’s Beacon Center at 1700 Third avenue at 96 Street during Black History Month. The solo show’s content opens dialogue on the restrictive institution of marriage, being of mixed race and exposes the challenges and obstacles that women of color of all hues have overcome throughout history.  Playing all the roles herself, Juliette Fairley inspires women in their quest for self realization and acceptance with or without a husband. A secondary theme in Fairley’s show touches upon “women’s issues,” such as marrying a suitable husband, earning and the pitfalls that lead to prostitution.


“Self Destruction 2009″ – KRS One,Twista,Syleena Johnson,Crucial Conflict,Phil G,Pugs Atomz,Kenny Bogus & Straw

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Self Destruction 2009 – featuring KRS One, Syleena Johnson, Twista, Crucial Conflict, Phil G, Kenny Bogus, Straw and Pugs Atomz; Produced by Grant Parks.  Grant Parks and CoalMine Music worked with KRS One and his Stop the Violence Movement in an effort to use music to help spread the message of “Stopping the Violence”.  Chicago & other major cities have suffered from high numbers of senseless killings over the last year and there is an urgent need to release this song.  KRS One, The Stop the Violence Movement, Grant Parks and CoalMine Music thank all the artists for their participation in making this happen!


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                                   POWER, RZA, DIVINE

Wu-Tang Brand Ltd. recently inked a deal with Fila to launch a new winter boot: the Wu-Tang Weathertech.

Power, executive producer/creative director founding partner of wutang productions directed the new Fila/Wutang commercial to hit the tubes.  Power’s vision for the commercial was to commemorate old school legends and by doing so he filmed at key locations such as the Birthplace of Hip Hop 1520 Sedgwick Ave. In attendance was Masta Killa, Papa Wu and Grand Master Caz, (Power made several attempts to reach out to DJ Kool herc) .  Lord Superb made an appearance in front of Jam Master Jay’s Mural in Queens.  Another memorable case in point, the music you will hear in the commercial is provided by ODB’s son Boy Jones.  Power stated ” I really was feeling that song, and placed it in the commercial, it was only right.”  That’s whats Gonna Be Poppin at the Bakery!”.  The commercial is scheduled to air soon.

Candid Pictures of the Commercial, photos by Shomari Green


“Hip Hop the last Religion”

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A MUST READ: The tale of rap music and hip hop The culture

Hip hop the last religion is the tale of rap music and hip hop the culture as it was formed from the owner America King known to this decade as Ella or kevin lee he talks about his investment in def jam records his dealing to date with the label he also clears the biggie & tupac story up . KnowIng them personally . This is a must read with a Due date DEC.3 This resource full piece of literature services as a know all guide for anyone entering the entertainment industry
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